CSA STAR self-assessment

Cloud Security Alliance Consensus Assessment Initiative (CSA) Questionnaire (CAIQ) v. 3.0.1 contains a comprehensive set of questions that customers can use to assess security and privacy processes at cloud service providers.

For self-assessment of CSA STAR, Flex LLC has published a CAIQ and a CCM-based report for cloud solutions and services sold under the Cloud4Y brand.

Download Cloud4Y Answers for CSA CAIQ Version 3.0.1

CSA STAR Self-Assessment Review

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization with over 80,000 industry professionals and companies worldwide. According to the official website, the mission of the organization is to "promote the use of best practices for security in cloud computing."

The CSA STAR self-assessment is the first (out of the three) STAR assurance levels and is independently performed by the cloud provider without the involvement of independent CSA experts.

Why is CSA STAR self-assessment important?

The CSA STAR Self-Assessment provides a consistent format to reflect compliance with CSA guidelines.
The CSA STAR self-assessment is publicly available to all customers to evaluate the methods and tools used to ensure cloud security and, on this basis, compare cloud providers.