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For medical institutions Cloud computing is an efficient way for hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and other medical facilities to deliver complex patient-centric services as well as simplify operations. More details For Government Agencies

With extensive experience in collaboration with government agencies, our competence allow us to solve a large range of problems in this area.

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Cloud Solutions for Financial Services Providers Our cloud solutions for banks, insurance companies, and other financial enterprises are created with security in mind and help to deliver an exceptional customer experience More details For manufacturers With cloud solutions from Cloud4y, manufacturers have more time for their core business rather than IT infrastructure maintenance. More details For retail & e-commerce Cloud4y solutions for retail and e-commerce aimed to solve issues related to warehouse and accounting automation, data storage, web application hosting, database management, as well as solutions that meet the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of data storage and processing (FZ-152) More details For DevOps Teams Cloud4Y offers flexible cloud tools and services which help DevOps teams to develop, launch and manage IT products faster and more efficiently. Our solutions simplify infrastructure allocation and management, automate product release, speed up development processes and eliminate inaccurate errors. More details For medium and small businesses

Create a full-fledged, fault-tolerant and reliable IT infrastructure
for your business

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