Data Loss Prevention system (DLP)

Protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of its leaking outside your company.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention service

Lack of employees awareness and unintentional actions, as well as sophisticated malicious activities increase the risk of confidential data disclosure, which can lead to a range of problems, from fines to customer loss, legal implications and compromising the reputation of organization.
DLP systems are designed to prevent such situations. They create a secure digital barrier that analyses all incoming and outgoing data. It can monitor suspicious transactions and identify sensitive data leaks.
Cloud4Y offers cloud DLP system Stakhanovets renting service. The application is delivered via SaaS model, freeing you from the expensive software purchase and its continuous maintenance and updating.
Hosting of DLP-system Stakhanovets ensures uninterrupted operation of the software, regular backup of any database size and guarantees its confidentiality and protection of corporate information.
Rental DLP Stakhanovets per user
from 31,16$

Cloud DLP service includes

  • Rental of licensed DLP-system Stakhanovets
  • Secure access and encryption (encryption keys are given to client)
  • Two sites for hosting the system (Russia or Netherlands)
  • Regular backup
  • Terminal connection arrangement

DLP Features

Data loss incidents auditing

  • Automatically detects threats
  • Records evidence of data theft or deletion of company intellectual property
  • Responds to threats preventing data leaks

Employee action monitoring

  • Helps to establish and monitor compliance with labor regulations
  • Determines the real staff workload and productivity
  • Predicts who's going to quit

Field officers control

  • Monitors online activity and applications
  • Сontrols phone communication with customers
  • Tracks and monitors staff movements and time spent away

How it works

How the DLP Stakhanovets works in the cloud

To start working with DLP-system Stakhanovets, you need to use the Remote Desktop Connection program, included in any Windows version. 

In addition, you can connect to a remote desktop using any operating system and any device, including mobile.

Stakhanovets as a DLP-system:
preventing leakage of confidential information

For every company protection of commercial information is a number one priority. The consequences of leaking a trade secret or other important information can cause a great loss to an organization.
DLP systems help to prevent such situations. They create a protective digital barrier that analyzes all outgoing and incoming information. With it, you can track suspicious transactions and identify leaks of sensitive data.

Based on the experience of leading global companies, we can confidently
to say that using of DLP-systems can help:

  • Ensure information security of the business.
  • Detect breaches of privacy.
  • Implement a system of compliance with corporate secrecy among staff.

Stakhanovets is not just a powerful DLP-system. Compared to classic DLP-solutions, Stakhanovets has a wider range of functionality:

Opportunities Classic DLP-system Stakhanovets
  Interception of data transmitted over the network Yes no
  Interception of data on users' PC some systems Yes
  The ban on the implementation of various actions with documents on the user's PC based on the content of documents some systems Yes
  Customizable system for analyzing the collected information by data patterns by flexible rules
  Monitor all suspicious employee actions no Yes
  Desktop Control no Yes
  User action monitoring no Yes
  Monitoring of correspondence and voice conversations no Yes
  Control of the presence and activity of employees in the workplace no Yes
  Management of access rights for supervising employees no Yes
  Ability to grant an employee the right to independently enable and disable self-monitoring no Yes
  Controlling the removal or replacement of PC-components to prevent theft no Yes
  Control of mobile devices no Yes

Additional information

Presentation: DLP-system Stakhanovets pdf
Presentation: Monitoring and control technologies pdf



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Additional information

Presentation: DLP-system Stakhanovets pdf
Presentation: Monitoring and control technologies pdf

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