Cloud IP-PBX

Easy-to-use hosted PBX Phone service to meet all your communication needs with customers and employees

Virtual PBX Phone Service by Oktell 

With cloud PBX you get an amazing business phone system with powerful and flexible administration features. You are provided with a configured and ready to use virtual PBX, which is controlled only by you. 

Cloud or virtual PBX is an online service that your subscribers receive on the SaaS model. Subscribers do not need to create a special infrastructure, install communication channels and purchase expensive equipment. You get a full-fledged telephony simply with Internet connection.

Cloud PBX per user
$2,17 per month

Cloud PBX Benefits

  • Cost effective. No capital expenditures for deployment of special infrastructure and purchase of expensive equipment. For fully functional operation, an Internet connection is all that is required.
  • Reliable. High reliability and availability of the cloud PBX is ensured by the provision of our cloud infrastructure without a single point of failure, the availability of multiple cluster networks for data storage; our equipment is located in a TIER III data center.
  • Integration opportunities.All employees, no matter where they work, share the same virtual PBX. If one of the offices is located in another city, then to communicate with an employee you need just dial his internal number.
  • Easy to configure. Cloud IP PBX is easy to configure and administer. You can administer your virtual PBX remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • You are always available.Your customers will be able to reach you at any time thanks to the possibility of connecting multi-channel phone numbers. In case customers call during off-hours, they can leave a voice message or get the information from voicemail.
  • Control. The IP telephony server is completely under your control. You can change your service provider at any time. All statistics and call records are absolutely confidential and available only to you.
  • Wide range of options. You will have various options: call recording, routing, statistics, multi-level voice menus, displaying information about missed and incoming calls, creating automatic services and many others.

Why trust Cloud4Y
12 years in cloud computing
Since 2009 the company has been successfully operating in the Russian and international cloud services markets.
Reliable infrastructure
4 TIER III data centers, Enterprise level hardware and software: HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft, etc.
SLA 99.982%
Optical ring, MetroCluster and redundancy mechanisms guarantee fault tolerance of services up to SLA 99.99%.
Transparent Billing Options
Hourly billing and pay-as-you-go allow you to pay only for the resources consumed.
Geo-Distributed Backup
Automatic backup (14 restore points) in a separate remote data center.
Flexible scalability
You can add and reduce the amount of resources without need to contact technical support service.
24/7 technical support
If any technical issue occur, our team of support experts is available round-the-clock, response time is 10 minutes.
Partner Program
Earn up to 35% of your annual contract. White Label is available.



Answers to questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to a question - post it our consultants online using online chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.

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