Virtual Servers in the Cloud (IaaS)

Build a scalable cloud server for Linux and Windows.
Hourly pricing model. No reservation is needed.

Virtual machine for Linux and Windows

Infrastructure-as-a-service (aka dedicated virtual server) is a cloud computing model whereby companies can rent a pool of virtual resources including hardware, storage, memory, networking components to support their operations. Solutions are configured to individual requirements, which means you always pay for the resources that you actually use.

Building IT solutions with the IaaS model allows deploying any IT projects fast and easy. It can replace your whole physical infrastructure that frees you from the need to maintain and update it.

We offer hybrid, public and multicloud solutions for Linux and Windows.

Cloud constructor

  • NUMBER OF CPU CORES (1 CORE=2.53 GHZ), pcs
    • 0
    • 1
    • 64
    • 128
    • 192
    • 256
  • RAM, GB
    • 0
    • 1
    • 64
    • 128
    • 256
    • 384
    • 512
  • HDD type
    Storage SAS, redundant controllers.
    SLA guarantee: 0,1 IOPS, Latency < 40 mc per 1 Gb
    HDD size , GB
    • 0
    • 20
    • 2000
    • 4000
    • 6000
    • 8000
    • 10000
  • Free guaranteed unlimited channel 5 Mbps expandable to 1000 Mbps
  • Additional services


/ Hour
/ Day
/ Month
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/ Hour
/ Day
/ Month
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Highly-scalable cloud IT infrastructure with best-in-class technologies

  • 12 years in cloud computing
  • Legal guarantees availability (SLA 99,982%)
  • Hourly billing model & Pay-as-you-go (No reservation needed)
  • Data centers TIER III with Hi-End hardware (Germany, The Netherlands, Russia)

Virtual server from Cloud4U can improve your business performance and the overall technology experience of your organization. Renting and using virtualized resources in the cloud allow you to run scalable and secure IT infrastructure without its maintenance. IaaS frees you up to focus on your core business rather than on IT management tasks.

To build a virtual machine for Linux and Windows , contact our manager, describe your requirements and we will calculate the configuration and create a solution specifically for you. Reliable, secure, your cloud VM will be hosted in Tier III data centers.

We help with migration, set up backup of your data to remote servers, ensuring maximum security of your information.

Why choose Cloud4U?

World-class data centers
4 data centers TIER III certified, high-end equipment and software by world established enterprise vendors: HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Microsoft and etc.
Hourly billing model
Pay-as-you-go and hourly billing model. No reservation and advance fee .
Up to 99.99% uptime SLA
Optical ring between data centers, MetroCluster and redundancy mechanisms ensure fault tolerance of services at the level of up to 99.99% SLA
Configurable Options
Scale the system up and down without contacting support.
Geo-distributed backup
Backup copy automatically created and stored separately in a different physical data center. We also provide from 14 recovery points.
Cloud GPU available
We offer VM / VDI with graphic cards for deep learning, HPC and rendering.
Available NVIDIA® Tesla® P100, M60 and M40.
vCloud Availability
Client infrastructure migration solution (C2C, inside the cloud) with minimal downtime and no data loss.
Ready-to-use templates
Large number of ready-to use templates of virtual machines with installed OS and basic settings.
24/7 support
Every case is viewed and reacted upon by a real person in less than 10 minutes
Personal manager and special terms
Personal manager and tech team are always one call or text away. For everyone. Forever. With great flexibility we offer special terms for businesses.

VDS (VPS) vs Cloud virtual server

Should you choose cloud over VDS hosting? We created a comparison table for you to better understand the difference between VDS/VPS options and a cloud server.

Features VDS Hosting Cloud Hosting
Technology One physical server, divided into several smaller server slices that each act as their own virtual server environment Multiple different servers are combined into a cluster, and storage systems - into a storage area network (SAN)
Choice of infrastructure Not available Available
Choice of Software Only one OS Any OS
Scalability Amount of computing resources is limited Independence on physical hardware
Availability If a physical server fails, VPS will go down, causing downtime In case of failure, cloud servers are migrated to another available physical resource without outage
Security Only basic data center protection. If a shared server got hacked VPS would be affected Complex means of protection. Server running in a cloud environment is isolated from other clients’ resources
Pricing Fixed yearly or monthly payments Pay-as-you-go

How it works

Learn how virtual server from Cloud4U can improve your business performance


Full-featured API

Cloud4U API provides complete control over your virtual machine and cloud resources, and makes it easy to integrate the cloud system with your own systems for management, monitoring, scaling, billing, CRM and other systems.

In addition, we can provide ready-to use modules to integrate our cloud infrastructure with different platforms.

Full-featured API:
  • API is fully RESTful
  • All function calls require authentication (Basic HTTP)
  • All function calls work with XML and JSON requests
  • Shell wrappers are available in PHP and Perl
  • Each function of the control panel is accessible through the API

Terraform support

Тerraform is a special utility that allows you to describe the cloud infrastructure in a form of text manifests.

This product allows users to fully implement resource management through the methodology infrastructure as code.

Terraform allows you to safely and predictably create, modify and improve your infrastructure. Terraform has an open source code that encodes APIs into declarative configuration fNiles that can be shared by team members, validated and edited.

Advantages of Terraform

  • Terraform configuration can be saved and used for collaboration by a group of operators
  • Terraform allows you to track the complete history of infrastructure versions
  • Terraform provides operators with an elegant user interface for secure and predictable changes to the infrastructure

vCloud Availability Support

VMware vCloud Availability is a powerful and cost-effective solution that guarantees convenient and secure migration and disaster recovery between different VMware cloud providers. Due to its good functionality and the possibility of the centralized management of the processes of adding, transferring and disaster recovery, it is indispensable during migration from one cloud provider to another. Bidirectional replication guarantees the safe movement of traffic over the Internet.

Advantages of vCloud Availability

  • Convenience. Modern HTML5-based interface, full integration with VMware Cloud Director, new models for rapid deployment of devices and a role-based access control portal.
  • Cost effective. It helps reduce operating costs, as it is independent of VMware vSphere Replication; provides detailed control of each virtual machine and vApp application, and has "failover" and "return to the main system" workflows.
  • Easy to use. The solution is designed to maximize cloud deployment. It is easy to ensure accessibility and data recovery. It integrates with VMware Cloud Director, enabling you to safely perform disaster recovery and migration in the cloud.
  • Fail-proof. Built-in security system, including the ability to encrypt data during storage and transmission, allows you to deploy reliable solutions. Means for compressing replication traffic are also part of the solution, as is end-to-end encryption through end-to-end TLS.


Answers to questions can be found in the knowledge base. If you do not find an answer to a question - post it our consultants online using online chat or send an inquiry using the support ticket system.

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