Cloud4Y launches data center in Turkey

In 2021, Cloud4Y opened an office in Turkey. At the same time, we decided to build an infrastructure site in Istanbul. In December, the last part of the equipment necessary to provide services to customers arrived in our new TIER III data center. All this time we agreed on legal details, deployed, configured, and tested the equipment, and checked security systems and fault tolerance.

In April 2022, our engineers completed testing the platform.

Now, we are ready to offer cloud solutions to companies from all over the world at our new site in Turkey.

Data center features

The system redundancy is built according to the 2N+1 scheme. All energy resources have a certificate of 100% Renewable Energy, which emphasizes the eco-friendly character of Cloud4U Turkish data center. Also, we obtained ISO 27001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 certificates.

Our proposal will be interesting to all companies, including those that:

  • Need to move data out of Russia, but continue to pay in rubles
  • Work on the Turkish market and want to be closer to clients.
  • Need a backup data center to minimize risks.
  • Need a virtual server with data protection from unauthorized access and a guarantee of reliable operation.

Migration process

Migration to the Cloud4U data center in Turkey is carried out on average within two days thanks to the well-established mechanism of data migration, the use of proven tools, and the high expertise of our technical team.

For existing customers. Standard data migration process with vCloud Availability (vCAV). Depending on the complexity of the architecture it can take up to 5 days. 

For new customers. Before defining the migration method, we conduct an infrastructure audit. There can be different solutions used, including data migration tools from Veeam and virtual machine images.

Cloud4Y offering

We offer a fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure on the IaaS model, as well as SaaS services. Rent cloud servers and virtual GPUs, use an object or archive storage, and benefit from new backup options.

The advantages of hosting on the Cloud4Y platform

  • Post-pay + hourly billing
  • Ability to reserve capacities
  • Unlimited scaling of resources
  • Full-automatic data backup (14 restore points)
  • Remote data access from any device and location
  • API, Terraform, command line and SDK support
  • Personal manager and 24/7 technical support (English, Turkish, Arabic, Russian)
  • Payment in any currency via invoice or bank card
  • Automated monitoring and failure prevention system
  • SLA 99.982% 

To find out more, please contact our managers: at or by phone at 8 (495) 268 04 12.

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