Cloud hosting

Virtual servers

Tailor your virtual server-based enterprise solutions to your needs. Just specify CPU, RAM, Storage, Port speed, IP, OS get a monthly fee and start using the infrastructure. We build our cloud solutions on hi-quality and tested enterprise equipment: HP, and IBM blade servers. 

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Federal Law 152-FZ Cloud The Cloud152-FZ service frees the operator of personal data from capital expenditures for the creation and ownership of a protected IT-infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the law on personal data, and also meets the requirements of the law on data localization (FZ-242). More details More details Cloud vGPU Rent a cloud with a high performance graphics card (GPU) today and start paying next month when the order is already completed. Using resource-intensive applications will be more convenient and cost-effective with Cloud4Y! More details Migration to the Сloud with vCloud Availability vCloud Availability enables businesses to quickly and securely migrate between clouds and on-premises, as well as restore business processes and services in the shortest time possible in the event of disaster or force majeure in the primary data center. More details Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) The service is based on the backup data center replication in real-time allows companies always have to-date backup of IT infrastructure and all the data. More details Backup & Replication service The service is based on the backup data center replication in real-time allows companies always have to-date backup of IT infrastructure and all the data. More details Archive storage Archive storage by Cloud4Y is a secure, durable, and extremely cheap cloud storage for archived data and long-term backups. More details S3 Object storage

A convenient solution for storing backups, documents, archive data and distributing static content with a reduced load on the main storage.

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Cloud storage

We offer a modern solution for storing information, which is scalable and highly productive.
The solution includes both personal and public cloud services.

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SyncCluster provides high-disaster recovery, fault tolerance, and service availability.
Solves the problems: power failure, fire, natural disasters, human errors, investigation in the data center, etc

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Cloud CDN

Cloud CDN is a global content delivery network that provides data transfer from our cloud storage servers to the servers that are currently the closest to the users of your site. The network is organized through a group of high-performance servers located in different countries.

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Load balancer Load Balancer allows you to distribute network or application traffic through a cluster of servers, which in turn increases the responsiveness and availability of applications and virtual machines. More details DDoS protection Protect your website, web application or the entire IT-infrastructure from DDoS attacks. More details Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Database-as-a-service is a cloud-based approach to storing and managing structured data. It is one of the most in-demand technologies in the field of managing information resources.

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More details Cloud Server Dedicated More details Virtual Machine Templates More details SAP HANA hosting Virtualized solution for SAP HANA on VMware vSphere based on certified hardware with support for up to 4 TB RAM. More details PCI DSS hosting "PCI DSS hosting" allows companies to receive and process credit cards on your website and work directly with any banks. More details
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