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GPU-accellerated cloud server

Renting a GPU-accelerated cloud server enables users to meet the needs in computing resources for video editing, 3D graphics rendering, machine learning, and other highly demanding tasks. Cloud4Y offers customers NVIDIA Tesla P100, M60, and M40, and NVIDIA V100 with tensor cores – a technically advanced GPU used for high-speed AI training, high-performance computing, data processing, and heavy graphics. Leverage machine learning, media processing, and other tasks using high-performance GPU models. Follow this link to get a detailed service description and a sample price calculation.

Automatic backups

The Cloud Backup service allows you to configure automatic backups (14 recovery points) in a separate geo-remote data center. You do not have to worry about backups and monitor the availability of resources to store them. By automating this task, you save time on more important tasks. The cost is calculated individually for each user. Here you can find a service description and a calculator.

Dealing with payment card data

Companies that accept, process, or perform other operations with payment transactions, must comply with the requirements of security standards. PCI DSS service from Cloud4Y protects against fines that may be imposed for non-compliance with international security standards and ensures a quick project launch without major investment, complicated approvals, and inspections. The high level of security of the cloud solution will help to enhance your image as a serious company that cares about the protection of sensitive customer data. Here is a service description and answers to basic questions.

Containers in the cloud

A managed cloud service for Kubernetes clusters allows creating testing environments, deploying and updating applications, and launching new projects faster. Cloud4Y uses the Container Service Extension (CSE) tool to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters. Store Docker images with the infrastructure, maintaining high-speed images downloads and avoiding external traffic costs. Follow this link to get a detailed service description and answers to basic questions.

DDoS attack protection

Cloud-based DDoS attack protection with WAF is an effective solution for handling all types of attacks, including TCP/SYN floods. We offer two types of protection, at the network protocols level and at the application protocols level. The second option is especially relevant now – a web application firewall (WAF) analyzes and cleans the traffic at the level of application protocols HTTP/HTTPS, DNS, SIP, etc., with regard to the peculiarities of the particular application. An excellent solution for web applications providing L7-level protection.

Resources reservation

Any infrastructure might need additional resources. Cloud4Y is ready to provide a working infrastructure on the same day the provider is contacted, and reserve resources for future migration. Our experts are ready to assist if you have any challenges with migrating your infrastructure from abroad or scaling current projects, as well as with other technical issues. To find out the terms, please contact Cloud4Y managers: 8 (495) 268 04 12.

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author: John
published: 04/22/2022
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