GPU Virtualization Solutions

Virtual desktops are convenient for organizing remote work. They are sufficient for standard tasks. But if you require rendering, graphics editors, and other similar tasks, you will need a VDI vGPU card.

The idea behind the GPU virtualization solution is that the graphics card displays the graphics on a remote server, rather than on the user's computer. Therefore, everything will work quickly even on weak PCs. The article explains which graphics cards are most suitable for virtualization.


NVIDIA offers several cards on the Ampere architecture, which are suitable for the above task. Let's explore them in detail:


Depending on the configuration, the video memory capacity is 80 GB or 40 GB HBM2. This makes it possible to work with large models and large data sets.

In a virtual environment, GPU allows to solve computational tasks including AI, HPC, and data processing; it supports up to 7 instances of MIG. The card is a good solution for upgrading V100/V100S based systems running tensor cores.

Supports NVIDIA AI Enterprise vGPU.


This card has 24GB of HBM2 video memory. The GPU is suitable for general computational tasks and AI inference. Supports up to 4 MIG instances. The A30 is a good solution for upgrading T4 based systems.

Supports NVIDIA AI Enterprise vGPU.


The card's video memory capacity is 48 GB GDDR6. The A40 is well suited for 3D design tasks, enabling high and medium-complexity graphics and video work efficiently. The A40 is a great upgrade solution for Quadro RTX™ 8000, RTX 6000, or T4 based systems.

Supports NVIDIA RTX vWS, NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC), NVIDIA Virtual Apps (vApps), NVIDIA AI Enterprise.


The card has 64GB of video memory in GDDR6 (16GB per GPU). The A16 is a good solution for office applications, video streaming, and teleconferencing for graphically intensive virtual desktops. Suitable for upgrading M10 or T4 based systems.

Supports NVIDIA RTX vWS, vPC, vApps, NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

AMD cards

AMD also provides a line of graphics cards for virtualization and offers the following models for this purpose.

Radeon™ PRO V520.

The card provides 8 GB of HBM2 video memory. The card can be successfully used for desktop virtualization, workstation level virtualization, cloud gaming, and graphics-intensive computations (3-D rendering and visualization).

Supports AMD RDNA, AMD Radeon™ PRO Software, AMD Virtualization, and AMD MxGPU Technology.

Radeon™ PRO W6800

The card features 32 GB of GDDR6 video memory. It can efficiently handle high and extremely high workloads. It is suitable for tasks with high memory consumption, allows editing videos at a resolution of 8K, performing real-time visualization.

Radeon™ PRO W6600

The video memory capacity of the card is 8 GB GDDR6. The card has high performance and is suitable for medium to high workloads. It can be used for CAD and simulation, visualization, intensive multitasking.

Radeon™ PRO W6400

The card has 4GB of video memory in GDDR6. Suitable for light to medium graphics workloads.

It can be used for image editing, design, 3D modeling.

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published: 03/14/2022
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